IBM Launches Next Generation Storage - Storwize v5000 Gen2

    Last month, IBM announced the release of a new generation of Storwize v5000 Gen2 storage . Now the lineup of systems includes 3 main models, these are v5010, v5020, v5030. Each of the models differs from each other in hardware characteristics and the presence or absence of certain functions. Nevertheless, all models now support the ability to install FC 16Gb daughter cards, there is the possibility of equipping any of the models with a SAS 12G host port (the V5000 does not have this option).

    It’s worth mentioning that all three systems provide the basic functionality of IBM Spectrum Virtualize Software for Storwize V50x0 V7.6.1. Plus, the user can get several additional options. More details about the characteristics of all three models are in the sequel.

    Storwize v5010 System

    developers have added several innovations at once, including the following:
    • Integrated Comprestimator is an integrated seizing tool that provides an opportunity to evaluate the efficiency of disk space optimization using Real-time Compression technology;
    • Distributed RAID - this technology allows you to build RAID-5 and RAID-6 arrays on large sets of disks (wide striped). This, in turn, makes it almost impossible to “simple” hotspare disks during normal operation, as well as rebooting such disks when the entire array is reorganized in the event of a disk failure. As a result, the user of the system receives a significant gain in time;
    • IP quorum base support - we use the IP arbiter host instead of FC storage during the process of creating two-node high-availability configurations using technology such as HyperSwap. True, HyperSwap is available only for the v5030 model.

    Storwize v5020

    As for licensed options for systems, the following options are available to the user:

    In this case, additional licenses are assigned in new systems not to disk shelves, but to the controller module.
    Each of the mentioned systems has its own advantages:
    • v5010 is a more advanced and functional system than v3700, and the cost of both systems is approximately equal;
    • v5020 stands out among the entire model range with the ability to connect 12G SAS up to 12 servers (or 6 servers if a fault-tolerant circuit is used). If a large number of servers are not required, this system is optimal;
    • v5030 is useful if the user needs the functions of compression and virtualization of external arrays, as well as the construction of high-availability solutions.

    Hardware characteristics of the systems:

    Each system has 4 Ethernet ports. At the same time, there is the possibility and expansion, provided the use of daughter cards.

    Storwize v5030

    • Storwize v5010 supports features such as thin volume allocation, snapshot creation, tiered storage and remote mirroring.
    • Storwize v5020 supports thin volume allocation, snapshots, tiered storage, remote mirroring and encryption. Both models support up to 264 drives and up to 10 expansion shelves per system.
    • Storwize v5030 supports everything that is available to younger systems, as well as encryption, compression, virtualization of external storage systems. It works with the number of disks up to 1008, supports up to 2 systems in a cluster and up to 10 expansion shelves per system.

    * - only one extension option

    is available. All models are already available for order.

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