Perceptive Pixel has created the largest touchscreen display in the world.

    Earlier at some events, larger touch screens were also shown, but these were systems from projectors, infrared sensors and other modules. And what Perceptive Pixel created is the display, and its diagonal is 82 inches. Of course, such a display device is unlikely to be suitable for a home, but for the needs of some companies, it’s just that. The management of the company believes that such giants can be useful for corporate meeting rooms, as well as for student classrooms and school classes (as for schools - they are too much, just one hit with a ball, and the school gets many, many thousands of dollars poorer).

    By the way, Samsung’s usual non-touch display is used as the basis (if 82-inch displays can be called “ordinary”). The company Perceptive Pixel installs its own touch system, which turns the "TV" into a sensitive display. The screen resolution in this case is 1920x1080. Response time <1 ms.

    As for the price, then, of course, it is very high. For this device, with a diagonal of 82 inches, Perceptive Pixel asks for 120 thousand dollars. For those who don’t have 120 thousand who don’t need such a huge display, the Perceptive Pixel offers a smaller model with a diagonal of only 27 inches and a price of 12 thousand dollars.

    The company’s management also announced that soon such displays will cost much less than now. And thanks to the cheaper technology, and thanks to the beginning of mass production of such devices. So let's hope that by 2015, "every family will have a 82-inch touch screen." But if without jokes, then the device is really interesting.

    Via Gizmodo

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