People don’t need mobile web?

    Truly shocking statistics were announced by Mike Grenville of the British association 160 Characters , representing the interests of mobile operators. According to him, studies have been conducted on how mobile users use the ability to surf the Internet. Some may be surprised, but less than 6% of users use truly mobile Internet access to the Web from outside their home or office.

    The vast majority (70%) use the “mobile” Internet while at home. Another 11% go to the “mobile” Internet from work.

    In other words, the seemingly key advantage of “mobility” for most Internet users does not make any sense. In fact, there are practically no useful services on the Web that are really designed for such use. And not the fact that they will appear in the future (according to Grenville, the hope is only on social networks).

    Under the current conditions, SMS ( $ 700 per 1 MB of traffic ) remains one of the main sources of profit for operators . Despite the technological wretchedness of the SMS service, practice shows that this is exactly what most people need.

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