Google paid $ 700 million for the purchase of ITA Software

    Internet giant Google has agreed to buy ITA Software for $ 700 million . The ITA service helps users find detailed information from airlines on any flights, as well as airfare and the number of available seats on board. Using the service, you can, for example, compare similar routes of two different airlines and choose the most budget or comfortable one. Reservation of tickets also works.

    Google promises to integrate this service into its search engine, which will allow the user to plan their flight routes themselves. At the same time, the Internet giant, in accordance with the obligations undertaken by ITA Software , promises not to engage in ticket sales.

    Despite this promise, in the travel industry, the deal is worrying due to the excessive influence of Google . These fears are not groundless: previously Google announced the work on a service that will allow users to select hotels using Google Maps . Strengthening Google Positionsin this segment, it will jeopardize the business of specialized sites offering travel planning services, as ITA is the only truly large company of its kind that sells its services to the largest online travel agencies such as Kayak, Travelport, Travelocity, Opodo and Expedia . The latter, by the way, was among the applicants for the purchase of ITA Software .

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