The II annual contest of technological excellence of Runet sites WebHiTech-2009 has started

    Dear colleagues! On the last day of summer and the first day of the week, used for most of which have been in the fall, is open to accept applications for the technological competition sites WebHiTech . The competition is held for the second time with the kind assistance of RU-CENTER .

    The author of the idea and the chairman of the organizing committee of the contest is your humble servant, so I will take on the honorable responsibility of telling the Khabra community about our undertaking.

    Our competition is aimed at supporting modern web standards, which, in our opinion, are based on three pillars:
    • separation of content and presentation at the level of the final code of web pages;
    • semantic markup;
    • code validity.

    The competition is held in three categories:
    • the best design decision;
    • best consumer qualities;
    • better use of technology.

    The quality of technological solutions of the client side is evaluated. In the  jury  - presumably, "familiar faces." Any aspects of participating in the contest are strictly free for participants .

    Any of you can already submit your project to the competition , and under the habracrat - interesting details for the curious.

    Last year, we accepted applications for almost half a year, from April to September. But, since summer, as well as December (preparation for the New Year) and January (returning to oneself after the New Year), is a dead season in Russia, this year we decided to radically reduce the nomination stage to two months. Acceptance of applications ends on Friday, October 30, at 23:59:59 Moscow time. Not a second earlier and not a second later.

    By the way, I was a little cunning - the actual start of the competition was given yesterday at around 18:00. And even before the sacramental date of August 31, 5 applications for participation were received. But we are planning to complete the nomination stage strictly according to the schedule. According to the experience of last year, we received the last two applications in the last five minutes of the nomination stage. :) Everyone should be in time. And all who did not have time - to be late. :)) Otherwise, then it will come to a fight, but we, like, don’t need it at all. :))

    Last year's awarding ceremony for winners, prize winners and finalists took place in a very interesting place - the former military bunker, the Tagansky command post at a depth of 65 meters underground. We hope that this time we will find a no less interesting place. :)

    And at the end of May, our competition won the ROTOR prize in the “Event of the Year” nomination. About how much blood this award was given to us and what it represents - a separate large article on our website.

    ... Last year we received 286 applications. In this we plan to get no less! And this means that your applications should come to us three times more often. Be of good cheer !

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