The steps of registration of radio frequencies (wi-fi, wi-max, RRL) or radio access is difficult;)

    Stages of registration of radio frequencies (wi-fi, wi-max): I

    immediately warn you in the article describes the process of registration of radio frequencies for the use of radio equipment outside buildings.

    1) Obtaining a private SCRF Decision on the use of a frequency band

    If you plan to use frequencies different from those for which there is a generalized SCRF solution (there are 2.4 GHz, 40.5-43.5 GHz, 2.3-2.5 GHz in some cases). The terms are very long - up to six months or more.

    2) Obtaining an expert opinion from the State Reserves Center:

    After you have decided on the frequencies, you need to determine the equipment and locations for the BS and send the materials for examination to the FSUE “Main Radio Frequency Center”. The conclusion of the examination is drawn up at specific placement points and you can no longer just drag your BSs for no reason. Dates of 3 months or more.

    3) Obtaining licenses for the provision of communication services using the radio frequency spectrum

    If you plan to provide broadband radio access services, you need to obtain licenses for telematic communication services and communication services for transmitting data using the radio frequency spectrum.

    State duty:

    Upon receipt of a new license:

    - for consideration of an application for a license - 300 rubles.

    - for granting a license using the radio frequency spectrum - 15,000 rubles. -

    Dates 70-90 days.

    4) Obtaining permission to use radio frequencies in the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications

    After you have on your hands the conclusion of the expertise of the State Reserves Center and communications license, you must apply for permission to use radio frequencies. The term for obtaining permission is 120 days.

    5) Registration of RES

    In addition, after obtaining permission to use radio frequencies, you need to register your RES in the Territorial Administration of Roskomnadzor at the location.

    Terms in comparison with all other instances passed by you are small 1-2 weeks.

    And that's not all :)

    because If you will provide communication services, then you need to complete your network project, conduct its examination at the Federal State Institution MIR IT and get an expert opinion, put the communication object into operation with representatives of your local Roskomnadzor. (I wrote about this in detail in the article Stages of commissioning a data transmission node and TM services )

    And only after that you can legally provide communication services!

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