Why do girls still play video games

In fact, girls do not play video games so little. I will try to refute some statements from the topic and give examples of games that girls actively play.

Captain Evidence
At school, gender separation can and does work, but the older the girls become, the less this separation. Someone chooses “male” professions, someone is disappointed in men, someone simply attracts reality less and less. Women who, not the first year in marriage, often go to computer games just to diversify their leisure time.

Sense of accomplishment
Yes, it’s great to grow a beast, plant a hundred beds and arrange a virtual cottage. But I saw girls who played very, very good shooters against men. Moreover, they won. And this victory brought them pleasure. Tear the enemy into small pieces and prove to everyone, and above all to yourself, that you are not a “weak” gender - this, believe me, is worth a lot. And if the girl is also the head of the guild / clan, or is close enough to the "ruling elite", we can assume that she has achieved her. Her opinions are asked, they listen to her, they need her. This is respect. This is power. Is this not enough in quality?

Almost all girls play female characters. And if they play masculine, they create such a peculiar ideal of a strong and courageous handsome man. However, men seem to do almost the same thing - creating “dolls” for themselves.

Women will gladly go to kill enemies. Especially after a hard day. And if they were rude at work, then there’s a general caput. Save the princess and civilians? She wanted to sneeze at them. Now the enemy is the personification of her weaknesses, her offenders. By the way, about the princesses. Why don't we save them? Especially if she got into the tower because of a careless knight or villain. Here, female solidarity is directly requested, the main thing is that there is no feeling: "so she needs it, a tantrum."

If the girls really want to protect, then a more powerful weapon that mows up enemies with its own look pleases the female soul. By the way, I have repeatedly noticed that many girls love bright, colorful, unusual weapons. So that it glows with fire, so that it is powerful. And even if it is stronger than the previous one, then this is generally indescribable joy. And, by the way, if you need to get some resources for weapons, then girls are no less stubborn than men. If there is a choice of class, then the girls are more likely to play for the magicians, as if personalizing themselves: “Here I am, so weak, weak and helpless, but I don’t seem to shy like fire.” Although I saw a lot of warrior girls. It is most likely: “I am strong and courageous, but kind in my soul.”

If we talk about time, then everything is quite simple. In my environment there are a lot of girls who combine work / study with games. For them, this is a way to relax. When the husband is fed and the children go to bed, why not feel free from everyday worries. She kills a routine, but here all the same variety, new worlds, new friends. Games usually don’t talk about everyday worries, which gives freedom, albeit virtual.

What girls play
Yes, a lot of what - strategies, quests, shooters. Almost every game has its own female lovers. Someone likes to puzzle over tasks, someone to endure his enemies. NFS is very popular. Beautiful car, speed, and freedom on the road. Many play MMORPGs, and achieve good results there. By the way, I myself play Dragonica, and I am a member of a guild in which there are a lot of girls. Someone is married, someone is already raising children, but everyone is happy to play. More girls are attracted to consoles - PSP, Xbox, PS3. They play both the Final Fantasy and the Gears of War. By the way, there are more PlayStation fans than the Xbox. Perhaps it’s a matter of jRPG with cute characters, and beautiful graphics. Girls also play Prince of Persia, Sacred, King's Bounty, Doom 3, Assassin's creed, Two Worlds, Devil May Cry, God of Wars, StarCraft, Half Life. In secret, some girls even play adult games. But they prefer to hide it.

And, instead of completing, if your friend grows potatoes in contact on the farm, this does not mean that after harvesting, she will not go to conquer another world by chopping up the next boss in small crumbs.

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