Userscript to remove red posts from Google+

    Google+ can strain your messages. I immediately removed all emails in the settings. The red messages in the black bar at the top are a little less annoying, but they pass through a red thread through all the other products of the good company.

    A simple user script helps to get rid of them in mail, documents, and a calendar:

    The source code is very simple. This is essentially one line:

    try {document.getElementById("gbg1").style.display = 'none';} catch(e) { }

    You can install it in Chrome simply by clicking the green “Install” button. If you do not trust the contents of the script, download it (for example, to the desktop) by clicking “Save As” on this button. Look at the code carefully, maybe correct it (maybe you want to see the messages in Reader). Open a new tab in Chrome and drag the file with the mouse there, agree with the installation.

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