Clients of Data Center "Web Data Center" free licenses from ISPsystem

    ISPsystem announces cooperation with the Data Center "Web Data Center" . Within the framework of this cooperation, ISPsystem provides software solutions both for automating the activity of the data center itself and for the business of the hosting companies located in it. Data center customers will receive licenses for ISPmanager Lite software products - for free.
    Data Center "Web Data Center" was launched in October 2009. The technological platform is designed for 60 racks. All infrastructure and telecommunication equipment of the data center is certified. Engineering systems are designed and built in accordance with industry standards. The data center has a high-performance data network from three independent operators. Data center clients will be able to choose for themselves not only the best option for equipment placement, but also take advantage of a number of related services and services, such as “remote access”, “remote hands” and “remote assistance”, with their help, comprehensive maintenance of client equipment is performed by forces qualified data center specialists.
    More information about the infrastructure and services of the Data Center "Web Data Center" can be found on the website

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