New section “Oh, Idea!”

    Good day to all!

    From time to time we get ideas that seem interesting to us, but it is not always possible to implement them. In addition to the “blogs” and “questions / answers” ​​sections, I propose creating a section or at least a separate blog with the title “I have an idea!”. This blog can become a storehouse of interesting ideas that usually have no place on other blogs. As in other blogs, you can vote on ideas and hope that there will be a person who implements this or that idea.


    As a first idea for a new section, I offer the “Let's Compare” service.
    Imagine a site where you can compare anything and anything. For example, one car with another. One phone with another. Or, for example, compare all existing analogs of the android market according to the given parameters. Is it tempting?

    The implementation can be presented in the form of an analogous Wikipedia, where each participant can add and change any data, whether adding a new object or new parameters for comparison.

    Let this service have the following (three) entities:
    * Objects (for example: “HDC Desire Smartphone”, “Nokia 3110 Mobile Phone”)
    * Groups (for example: “Mobile Phones”, “Smartphones”, “Cars”, etc. )
    - Objects with common features are combined into groups
    - Each object can be in only one group
    - Each group has a set of characteristics (for example, for the Smartphones group: color, weight, operating system, approximate cost, etc.)
    * Comparisons (for example: “comparison of mobile devices with mobile functions phone ")
    - in one comparison, you can merge several groups (for example," Mobile phones "and" Smartphone ")
    - in comparison, you can add attributes inherent to groups

    that users will edit:
    * add new group
    - add the objects in the group
    - add new Signs of a group
    * Adding new objects (the object must belong to any one group)
    - Edit features inherent in the objects
    * Add new comparisons
    - Combine groups into comparisons
    - Add or remove signs for comparison (selected from existing signs in groups)

    What we will receive from this service:
    And we will receive answers to questions like: “I want an analog of the Android market, but with open software. "
    And the answer will be:

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