Asimo just got better

    Honda Motor has announced the release of a new model for its Asimo robot. And before this humanoid robot knew a lot of things, but now it even jumps on one “foot”, knows how to balance on very uneven surfaces, walk in the rain without any consequences for itself. Those. the robot is resistant to water. The developers believe that from the sphere of toys the robot is slowly moving into the sphere of practical devices that perform certain functions.

    The maximum speed of the robot is 9 kilometers per hour, that is, a pretty decent speed for a not-so-fast runner. Before, the robot could reach speeds of only 6 kilometers per hour, which, in principle, is also not bad. At the same time, the robot can walk over rough terrain, it can maintain balance even if it steps on an uneven surface (stick, tubercle, etc.).

    Among other things, Asimo can distinguish the voices of speaking people. It is able to recognize three voices at the same time, thanks to the advanced technology of speech recognition and analysis of individual sounds. An interesting feature is that this robot can work as a sign language interpreter.

    Honda Motor believes that now Asimo can move along a very crowded street without any problems, without operator intervention. The fact is that this robot has learned to distinguish between obstacles and can even predict the movement of individual objects. And one more feature, quite interesting. Remember, in the movie "I, Robot", there were robots receiving updates from the central server at a certain time? Asimo is slowly approaching this model of updating its software. Now he does not need a person to receive updates, everything happens automatically.

    Via CNET

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