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Welcome to the fourth edition of the GitHub Reflog, a weekly chronicle of great GitHub repositories and community activity. Previous editions are available from the Reflog archive .

Recommended repositories this week:

apenwarr / sshuttle

This excellent project received quite a few press references this week, and has already become an integral part of my toolkit. Sshuttle calls itself the “Poor VPN”. It allows you to connect to a remote computer as an unprivileged user and forward every port on that network to your local computer. After switching on, all traffic is redirected through the server. If the server has network access for machines that your machine does not have access to, then now you can access them as if they were on your local network.

Port forwarding with OpenSSH is not new, but sshuttle transfers all the ports, not just the ones you specify. On the server, it depends on OpenSSH.


Amazing repositories this week

asarazan / Narwhalingus-EP

@Asarazan found a great new GitHub application this week. He and his band, Bristol 7's, decided to publish their EP under a Creative Commons license. In the spirit of open source, it was decided to publish it on GitHub!

The repo includes final mixes, as well as separate audio tracks for remixes. Pool requests are welcome!

Great repositories

  • jonromero / music-as-data : This Clojure project offers a programming environment for creating musical sequences. It allows you to access data sequences and apply live transformations to them. Visit the project page to find out more.
  • 37signals / pow : This new project from 37 Signals is a configuration-free development server for applications. Once you run its super-simple installer, go to ~ / pow, and make a symbolic link to your application directory. And it's all! Applications are now available locally at .
  • DanielWaterworth / raphters : This is the new C language web application development framework. Yes, you read it right. If you're a C fan and have always dreamed of creating a modern web application in your favorite language, Raphters is a great place to start. It provides a simple API for handling cookies, sessions, and templates. Applications can be deployed using FastCGI.

Promising repositories

  • cldwalker / Tux : Tux is the Ruby command-line interface for Sinatra. It gives you a simple interface to interact with all parts of your application from the command line. It can directly call helpers and views, or generate its own data for request / response.
  • ender-js / Ender.js : This new JavaScript module is actually a collection of 8 minimalistic utilities in one: klass, qwery, bonzo, bean, script.js, reqwest, emile, and underscore.js. Occupying only 8 kb, Ender.js combines all these powerful modules into one elegant API. Features: class system, customizable selector engine, DOM manipulation, event system, asynchronous dependency loading, simple animations, and a robust extension API.

PS PS Is it worth translating Reflog regularly?

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