LiveJournal undergoes a DDoS attack

    This afternoon, the service suffered the strongest DDoS attack in the history of the service. News sites quickly trumpeted this topic, but specifics are few. There is also a video version .

    LiveJournal itself on the domain does not open at all now (connection timeout occurs). opens, but even authorization on the service does not work.

    Quote :

    At 16.00, the head of the Russian LiveJournal, Svetlana Ivannikova, turned to users of the site, explaining that the portal was attacked by hackers: “At the moment, LiveJournal does not work correctly, we confirm this information. This is due to the fact that LJ is subjected to a DDoS attack, but its source, like the addressee, we can not name. The administrators of LiveJournal are aware and are already working on fixing the problem.

    Information about this event is also present on the LiveJournal itself, but no details are disclosed.

    Just came a good continuation of the news " DDoS attacks will be included in the Criminal Code (Articles 272–274) ."

    UPD 22:34 Moscow time. LJ pages began to open.

    Another quote :
    Interestingly, when it was not possible to open the LiveJournal page in a browser, the LiveJournal input servers were available. During the attack, ping in their direction was normal, amounting to about 300 milliseconds.

    According to Pavel Vasilyev, technical director of the Hosting Community group of companies, in order to disable a resource like LiveJournal, an attack with a capacity of several GB / s, or several million hits per second, is needed. According to him, an attack with a capacity of "several tens of GB can not withstand a single resource."

    According to a rough estimate of Group-IB, a botnet of 100 thousand machines could be used to attack the LiveJournal. The total width of the channel for the attackers was not less than 20 Mbps, and the costs of the customer of such an event were about $ 2 thousand per day, according to the company.

    UPD 2. April 4 - the situation repeats itself . A selection of Yandex .

    LiveJournal blog hosting on April 4 ceased to function due to another DDoS attack, according to SUP press service LiveJournal Russia director Svetlana Ivannikova confirmed that the attack was caused by a hacker attack.

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