How we searched for a copywriter

    Tatarsky once again looked at the poster with three palm trees and the English promise of eternal metamorphosis.
    - By whom? - he asked.
    - Creeiter.
    - Is it a creator? Asked Tatarsky. - If you translate?
    Hanin smiled softly.
    “We don’t need creators here on x # th,” he said. - Criterion, Vava, criterion.

    (c) Victor Pelevin. “Generation P”

    Please consider this text as a Friday message with a positive connotation.
    Each company, faced with rapid growth, feels the need for new employees. It is one thing when they are programmers and, in principle, people of technical specialties.
    It is quite another matter if a company needs a copywriter, designer or any other person with a humanitarian dislocation of the brain.
    We all faced HR work. Including on Habré there were a lot of polar opinions. But until you plunge yourself into the selection of personnel, you can never feel the juice and drive to find the right specialist in the current market. The post is somewhat inspired by a different approach to finding a job .

    We publish a vacancy

    The theater begins with a hanger, and the search for an employee with a job description.
    It’s like staging TK for a designer. It seems clear that you want the output, but in the statement of work it turns out only: “We need an outrageous creative and so that the sky is flooded with a rainbow with the logo of our company!”

    How to describe the requirements for a person who has to write a lot on one side, beautifully, competently and well , but on the other hand is learning something new (given the specifics of the company)?
    It turns out only in the style of Captain Evidence and Major Yasen-Horseradish (a rare double surname, yes).

    Looking through the candidates

    Well, half the job is done, the vacancy is written and published on the job site. We proceed to filter incoming applications.
    And then there is such a charge of positive that just some endless Friday in the middle of the week.

    Both directors, and employees of the gambling business, and people in uniform are writing to us. Everyone, absolutely everyone can write texts (well, obviously, I wrote a resume, that's good!). Everyone, you know, a director, can sparklely create and write day and night on any topics that the government and parties need!

    Also, there are a lot of responses from applicants who have not decided who they want to be in this life. I admit that until the age of 12 I dreamed of being an astronaut (but then fell ill with pneumonia and the cruel doctor terribly disappointed me), changed my mind in time and decided on priorities.
    People in search of work try their best. They respond to the copywriter vacancy (it is naturally written in the resume, it is clear that the crisis has broken many):
    • Manager
    • Art Director
    • Loan specialist
    • Individual entrepreneur
    • Internet Project Managers
    • Sales managers
    • Socionics Expert
    • Account Manager
    • Web designers
    • Deputy assistant
    • Webmaster
    • Senior specialist of the district tax

    There is a significant proportion, to put it mildly, of inadequate job seekers. It was touched by a resume written entirely in caps. The cover letters themselves are wonderful too. With your permission, a few anonymous examples:

    I look forward to a job invitation!
    Respectfully, ***

    ... not a day without a line, not a minute without an idea, not a second without a positive !!!!!

    I was very interested in the job of copywriter in your company and I would like to try myself as a designer.
    I graduated from the International Institute of Advertising (International Institute of Advertising), the faculty of creative and production technologies in advertising, College of Peace, and also thin. school.
    Fluent English, basic German.
    I have good creative skills (art school) and knowledge of basic graphic programs such as ...

    ... graduated from the journalism faculty of RUDN University.
    At the moment I am looking for a place for a stable and interesting work. I am well
    versed in cinema, fashion, literature and much more. At the
    moment I am the winner of the project "*** 2010". My dream is to become a war correspondent ...

    We invite you to interview

    Ok ok, having decided on the candidates, they sent out invitations. Here are the mini statistics:
    • 81 applied for the job
    • 18 interview invitations
    • 6 confirmations (the applicant called and agreed on a convenient meeting time)
    • 3 wards for an interview

    At the same time, 1 applicant after an invitation and coordination of time wrote and warned that he had found a job.
    The rest just didn't come.


    What I wanted to express with this article.
    Want to find your dream job? Follow the simple rules:
    • If the vacancy is a “programmer”, do not send a resume tailored for team leader to a programmer’s vacancy. This at least makes you think about what you want in life (remember the "astronaut").
    • Clearly summarize your experience in the resume (figures, facts, links to the portfolio and examples of work). We all know the price of beautiful words, save them for creativity.
    • Write cover letters. Often with one cover letter you can express everything that interests the employer (is it worth saying that when there are many candidates and the selection criteria are very blurred - a cover letter is a good way to highlight the crowd).

    Most interestingly, this approach works great on freelance, where the customer is the same employer, and the contractor is the same job seeker.

    No offense. All matches are anonymous, but not accidental.
    Your K.O. and M.J-X

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