Starcraft 2 beta. News from the front (interview with RoX.Dimaga)

    Good afternoon, dear Habraheimers and everyone interested!
    The first month has passed since the beginning of closed beta testing . As you know, Blizzard handed out nine thousand keys to testers, and soon promises to give out some more keys, this time without depriving Mac users.

    For ordinary people, craftsmen tried to create an offline version for the game against AI. But still there were left out, whose home computer does not have enough strength to run the game. Such people, among whom I belong, can only follow the news and watch streams (for example, or ).
    About what is happening inside the game itself and about the impressions of it, I decided to talk with Dmitry Filipchuk , known on the Starcraft scene as RoX.KIS.DIMAGA , who currently won two of the three SC2 Zotac Cups held (prize pool of 100 euros )

    I will add a few facts about Dmitry, for those who have not heard about him before.
    DIMAGA is one of the best European zerg players. Among the many of his achievements during his career as a starcrafter, I especially want to note the following:
    • 1st place BWML Individual Tour seasons 10 and 11
    • 1st place ZOTAC Cup No. 12 and No. 13
    • 1st place GosuGamers Gosucup No. 1
    • 1st place WCG Ukraine 2008
    • 2nd place DreamHack Summer 2009
    • 2nd place WCG Ukraine 2009

    Let's start:
    - Hello! What were your first impressions of the game and what are they now?
    - Hello! After the first games, there were good impressions, because playing has become much easier. And now everything seems not so simple and there was a feeling that there is not enough speed.

    - What struck you first in the game? (except that beta finally came out :))
    - In fact, I was very pleased with a lot, especially for the zerg. A lot of new chips and it pleases.

    - Is it easier or harder to play SK2 compared to the first SK?
    - IMHO - easier. Many things have been simplified - for example, auto mining (when a new worker, being close to minerals, starts mining himself - approx.) Or that several buildings can be bridged by one figure. A lot of things have been simplified compared to the first version ...

    - What disadvantages do you think the game has at the moment?
    - The almost complete lack of microcontrol is upsetting, it has become 10 times less than it was in BroodWar. Especially in ZvZ games now the only micro is burying the swarms, and in games against other races you just need to attack the enemy from the flanks correctly. That's all micro.

    - In the first SK, you are a very strong zerg, but in SK2 did you try to play with other races? What are the successes?
    “I tried to play with both terrans and protoss, but only against the computer.” I don’t want to play them on battlenet, because I’ll lose anyway and don’t learn anything, but I don’t want to lose points (Dimaga is now in the top15 of the European ladder - approx.). If it were possible to conduct unrated games, then I would love to play more with other races.

    - Now even the developers say that the balance in the game is shifted not in favor of the Terrans, do you agree with this?
    - I think yes. It’s still hard for them to play against the protoss, and against the zerg it’s even harder when compared to the first Starcraft.

    - Your opinion as a Zerg about the overall balance of the game and Zerg in particular?
    - For zerg, everything suits me :) And the rest complain about zerg only when they lose to them.

    - Roach is called an imbalance unit. Are there other strong units in other races that can be called imba?
    - Maybe not imbalanced, but Roach is a very strong unit, especially in games zerg to zerg can not do without it, otherwise you will lose. And in other races, the strongest are immortal and colossus at the protoss; teraan has banshee and, most imba, hellion with +16 dmg.

    - How much do cards now affect the balance of power in the game?
    - Sometimes it’s very strong, for example at Lost Temple it is very difficult to fend off landing on the cliff. All the cards are funny in their own way ...

    - At the moment you have won 4 of 5 SK2 tournaments - what is the secret of such successful performances?
    - I'm just lucky;)

    - Can you share the secret of a simple strategy for defeating the Terran? protoss?
    “Of course, write down ... It is best to go to the second base against the terran from the 14th slave, if he decides to rush with infantry with a bunker, then you simply cancel the base and can build it in another place or later, when you fight back. You will not be in the red. Against the protoss, the main thing is to beat off the first bulk of the early Zealots, then build more bases and just win the game :)

    - This year, for the first time in the history of World Cyder Games, Starcraft is not in the list of games . What are your thoughts on this?
    - This is very sad. But let's hope that next year Starcraft 2 will certainly be among the WCG nominations. And this year I can try my hand at some other WCG game.

    - I wish you success and further conquering the peaks in Starcraft 2!
    - Thanks! ^^

    UPD.For clarity, I recommend watching a video (with comments in Russian) from the latest Dimagi games: sc2tv mini-tournament , SC2 Zotac Cup finals No. 3 , KOTH Dimaga vs White-Ra , KOTH Dimaga vs BRAT_OK

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