IE9, I'm afraid of you

    So the first development version of Internet Explorer 9 appeared. Let’s leave new things like CSS3, HTML5, SVG aside: we all know that this is cool, and therefore we won’t discuss it. The browser is clearly faster, more beautiful, and indeed better than previous versions and I'm not going to argue about this. I will even say this: the ninth version of IE (even despite my dislike of the "donkey") I have been waiting for a long time. Waited, however, with fear.

    I think any person who is involved in layout will understand me: the release of a new IE does not mean that the Internet will get better. Of course, this is an achievement, a giant leap forward (select any eulogy from the articles about IE9 and paste here). However, let's estimate how the browser market will change. According to various sources, Internet Explorer now occupies 35-45% of the market (15-20% - IE8, 15-20% - IE7, 10% - IE6). There are three versions of the same browser!

    Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari live in different versions and, unlike Internet Explorer, the number of older versions is negligible. The update system does its dirty work: sooner or later you will agree with the proposed update and upgrade to a newer version (or you won’t notice how this update happened at all).

    C Internet Explorer is getting harder: users often turn off updates, use pirated versions of the OS, or "sit" on older browsers for some reason. Because of this, not everyone has fresh versions of IE (for this reason there are now three of them). Of course, it would be better to update IE using the update system built into it (and not on the OS), but something tells you that this will not happen.

    What will happen next? It seems to me that in a year the alignment will not change. At best, there will be three versions of IE: 7, 8, and 9. At worst, the sixth will not die and continue to live.

    What does this threaten? We, gentlemen, developers, we still can not ignore the old Internet Explorer, and will be forced to write different code for different browsers. We will continue to scold IE and spit aside if not the sixth, then the seventh version ...

    Damn it! IE9, I'm afraid of you!

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