Facebook “beat” Google in US traffic

    Hitwise agency published statistics on the total number of site visits for an American audience for the week from March 7 to 13, 2010. For the first time, Facebook came first, ahead of Google.

    Facebook traffic grew 2.85 times over the year, while Google’s traffic grew by only 9%.

    It should be noted that this has long been going on. A month ago, we published comScore statistics , according to which Facebook bypassed Yahoo and came in second place.

    It was hard to imagine that Google would surrender so quickly, but Hitwise won in this "PR war" between statistical bureaus. They took the total number of visits, not a unique audience.

    We add that when you take into account all of the company's websites (Youtube and Google Maps), the share of Google on visits by American Internet users increases to 11.03%, and the share of Yahoo - to 10.98%, and Facebook remains with its 7.07%, because all its assets are collected under one domain.

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