In / In Ukraine, using a scrap, they destroyed a database of quality certificates for all types of products

    The electronic certification database of UkrSEPRO has been destroyed, said Sergey Dorotich, first deputy general director of the state-owned enterprise Ukrainian Research and Training Center for Standardization, Certification and Quality.

    According to the head of the legal department of the state enterprise Bogdan Lavrenyuk, on Wednesday, August 11, the commission, headed by the acting Director General of UkrNIUTs Vladimir Stuley in the presence of the head of Gospotrebstandart Oleg Povolotsky (dismissed by government decree on the same day - ed.) opened the server room in which the main server of the certification system UkrSEPRO was located, after which unknown people worked with the equipment.

    “Outsiders came at 11:00. In the presence of Povolotsky, they blocked the floor and removed the employees. After that, unknown persons opened the server door with a grinder, crowbar, carried out some operations with the server, connected equipment to it, disconnected the components, ”said the head of the UkrSEPRO strict reporting forms sector, who was present at the events.

    By evening, the room was sealed with seal number 3. All employees were sent home. In the morning, the same room was sealed with signet No. 4. What was done with the equipment at night is unknown, but the server was no longer functioning the next day, "the official added.

    At the same time, he emphasized that both Stuley, the head of the commission, and UkrSEPRO Deputy General Director for Legal Affairs, Yury Radchenko, participating in the server showdown, were appointed to their posts by the leadership of the State Consumer Standard on the eve of the events.

    “We are not allowed into the center building. But yesterday, I spoke with an employee of the Security Service of Ukraine, who is conducting an investigation. He informed me that the UkrSEPRO database was physically destroyed, ”said Dorotich.

    At the same time, he clarified that the database kept information about all quality certificates issued for all types of products over the past years. “Now it is impossible to verify on the basis of what this or that certificate was issued, whether it is valid. This is not to mention the fact that the information was a commercial secret, ”he stressed.

    According to Dorotich, from August 13, Gospotrebstandart introduced a new procedure for issuing certificates of quality compliance, in which documents are issued by regional offices without being recorded in an electronic database.

    On August 11, the Cabinet of Ministers relieved Oleg Povolotsky, head of the State Committee for Technical Regulation and Consumer Policy (Gospotrebstandart), of his duties.


    Consequences are well described by the habrayuzer stalkers

    1. Officially stated that there is no base. This means that now any, even the most petty, checks regarding the quality control of products (especially at the border) are free. The list of products subject to certification is quite extensive ( It is hard to even guess how much money leaks to the left.
    2. The fact of such a hack. At the moment, in fact, the only way to quickly verify some information is to store it in electronic form. And if the records disappear? And if you want them to disappear? It's simple - a couple of guys with crowbars, open the server room, take out the server / servers. As if this did not go into practice. And it may very well if this case is left without consequences and real terms for someone.

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