Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Final Released

    Today a new version of Microsoft SQL Server has become available.

    From a post on the SQL Server official blog
    Microsoft today released SQL Server 2014, the core product of our cloud-based data processing platform.
    SQL Server 2014 delivers record-breaking performance with new memory technologies. That will help customers accelerate their business and implement new work scenarios.

    In addition, SQL Server 2014 enables new hybrid cloud solutions. This will take advantage of the new benefits of cloud computing. For example, in scenarios such as backing up to the cloud and disaster recovery of a locally installed SQL Server.

    SQL Server 2014 offers the best in the business intelligence industry by integrating with familiar tools like Excel and Power BI for Office 365.

    We also released the final version of SQL Server Backup for Microsoft Azure Tool. This is a free tool that allows customers to back up from older versions of SQL Server to Azure Storage.

    Try SQL Server 2014 today.

    Download and try SQL Server 2014 on your own hardware, or within a few minutes get started with the version deployed in the cloud. And please don’t forget to join our broadcast on April 15th to learn more about our data platform strategy from CEO Satya Nadella, COO Kevin Turner and Quentin Clark's CVP Data Platform.

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    Eron Kelly


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