Why Beeline Kamaz for 5 million?

    When a crowd of one hundred thousand gathers at one small point on the map, an eye and an eye are needed behind it, otherwise they will have something else to smoke - then you won’t get into trouble. So our law enforcement officers, whose legends go about the valor, have to come there and watch with their keen eyes that everything is fine. And the doctors do not stand aside: these wonderful people in white coats keep company with the gentlemen in gray uniforms in case someone suddenly does not feel too well. But this is only the tip of the iceberg! In fact, at events such as the reconstruction of the Battle of Borodino, which took place on September 6, a hundred kilometers from Moscow, thousands of other people work, doing many different useful things, so that everyone who came there to relax, would be as comfortable as possible.

    Aside from the main festivities, in the open field, these two placed the first and so far the only mobile base station in Russia, providing in crowded places up to 200 additional voice communication channels at one time. People passing by could hardly have guessed the purpose of the truck with the 17-meter mast growing from it, and only those who cruised very close by could notice Beeline company logos on its sides and say thoughtfully: “Ah, that's why I have such a good reception!”

    Strictly speaking, the money mentioned is, of course, not Kamaz itself (for reference: a brand new Kamaz costs about 1 million rubles), and not even a hefty white container behind the cabin, but what is inside it: racks with Ericsson and Alcatel communication equipment as well as antennas growing from the roof.

    It can take about an hour from a “marching” state to a working MBS: hydraulic stops extend to the sides, the chassis is leveled, then the integration of the brought equipment and the existing network begins. The choice of the communication method depends entirely on the conditions under which the high-tech Kamaz has turned out: the automation can independently navigate and establish data transmission via satellite, via a relay antenna, or even using a laser. True, the maximum distance at which the laser can be effectively used is about one and a half kilometers.

    Naturally, to ensure uninterrupted communication on 200 voice lines at the same time quite a lot of energy is needed, and therefore the operators of the mobile base station are first of all looking for a local source of electricity. But even if it cannot be found, they do not grieve for a long time, since a diesel generator is installed on the MBS, and next to it is a 700 liter canister of diesel fuel, and Kamaz’s tanks also do not have 95th gasoline, so the battery life the operation of such a station reaches two weeks, or even more. Here we are talking about how much the crew can withstand: although there are two berths available, they are designed more for short periods.

    The question is, why am I telling you this a second time if the presentation of the same mobile base station was held last year? The fact is that then only her tests were carried out, and various permits were obtained. And now - this is already quite a workable sample, which has visited several "hot spots".

    It is difficult to say whether it is worth waiting for a response from other operators to commission the first Beeline MBS. MTS did not say anything about this, and Megafon generally considers such developments to be futile. But the fact remains: at the last holiday yellow-striped subscribers felt the most mobile, happily informing others about the presence of reliable reception and the absence of network failures.

    UPD: Before each departure of the MBS, a long coordination with the authorities is carried out, permits are obtained, etc., as if it were a stationary station.

    UPD2: Here are the photos you requested. The power mechanism of the hydraulic mast, can withstand a load of up to 30 tons. On the right in the photo is a 200-liter hydraulic fluid tank. To the question “What happens to her in winter” they answered that it was becoming a little more viscous, but there was still no need for heating. In the center is a drum on which a cable is manually wound when the mast is lowered.

    Unfortunately, no photos of the bed were found. But I found a shot of the air conditioner that hangs above it.

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