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    Experts: Darejan Mityaeva , producer of Newstube; Artyom Geller , developer of,

    Jobs and projects: Flash-developer in the social project "Russian Sign Language", Flash programmer in a service for live broadcasts via a web camera.

    1.) Vidstep

    This resource is intended for live broadcasts through a web camera of various events in human life. It can be musical performances, educational materials, public performances, broadcasts in bars, night clubs, various institutions, etc. the choice is unlimited, you can create your own unique theme! You can simply chat in the video chat with friends or strangers.
    On the user’s page, you can maintain your blog, describe upcoming events and comment on previous ones, subscribe to user pages and add friends, view TOP broadcasts in the general list or select by categories.

    Who is needed?

    Flash programmer

    Description of tasks:

    Writing a player for broadcasting and video chat from scratch.


    • In free time

    Payment type:

    • Share in the project

    Author: Ilya Belov
    Phone: +7902 209 98 28

    Expert commentary


    Darejan Mityaeva, producer of Newstube:

    - The idea of ​​broadcasting via the Internet is very interesting and promising. But while the positioning of the project and its business model are not very clear.

    The resource will be viable if the creators can provide interesting video content for the resource, and it is very interesting here what they plan to focus on. If we are talking about a social network with video chat and UGS broadcasts, then on Runet there were several attempts, and all were unsuccessful. Mainly because to maintain the purity of the resource requires a very strict moderation of the video stream. Once the project reaches a certain minimum number of users, it will be very difficult, almost impossible. And the dream that everything will be "self-regulating" is a utopia.

    If we are talking about more or less professional webcasts, then this is a mastered field, and there is experience that you can use. In this direction, other problems arise, both technical and financial - communication channels, signal quality, peak loads, etc.

    In general, the idea is promising, but there are many potential problems. If the creators see them and can come up with effective ways to get around all the "rakes" - it will be interesting to see what happens.

    2.) Social project "Russian Sign Language"

    Training programs containing a good multimedia presentation of the material often make the explanation more understandable than in a printed textbook, and therefore become more and more popular.
    This course is a multimedia complex for independent study of Russian sign language. The amount of training material in the course is sufficient for continuous studies throughout the year, and with intensive training, it is possible to master the language in three to four months.
    The dictionary of gestures broadens the horizons, introducing many new concepts.
    Gesture dictionary is necessary when learning sign language.

    Who is needed?

    Flash-developer (Ability to work flash with many flv-files.)

    Task description:

    Advanced project


    In free time
    On vacation

    Payment type :
    Free participation


    Expert commentary


    Artem Geller, developer of,

    - Any initiative in the field of adaptation of people with disabilities, if it does not require unjustified financing - beautiful. In this regard, I think you can omit the lyrics and friendly pats on the shoulder.

    At this stage, this site (service) simply does not exist. It is not thought out, not comfortable, not professional, and does not serve any purpose - it is useless, but the initiative is beautiful.
    To make this project useful, interested experienced professionals can find the idea, understand the audience and most conveniently solve its problems.

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