About savvy and HTC Wildfire S

    When we conceived the game Droider Words last November , we didn’t want to do a dull quiz with obvious questions, if only more people would poke buttons. We decided to take a different path. Each week a word was made up and very unobvious clues were given to it , thus entertaining readers with complex riddles, and themselves compiling them.


    And this approach has paid off. The total number of active participants exceeded all our expectations, there were discussions and debates about tips everywhere, so we had to put them in separate posts. A lot of positive feedback about the contest came to the site. And we decided not to stop there.


    Therefore, we are pleased to announce that next Monday, May 16, Droider.ru together with HTClaunches the continuation of a successful project - Droider Words 2 . The essence remains the same: 4 weeks, 4 words, 20 tips, the main prizes - the HTC Wildfire the S . Also, the best participants will get branded souvenir sets from HTC.

    If you do not mind checking your wits and erudition, and at the same time earn HTC gifts, we will be happy to help you with this. Details of the game and terms of participation can be found here .

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