Auditing contextual advertising campaigns

    Many advertisers stubbornly do not want to work with advertising agencies and prefer to place contextual advertising on their own. The advantages of working with the agency are obvious, especially if you work without a commission and additional. payments.
    For advertisers who independently place contextual advertising, our agency offers to audit their campaign, thanks to which errors / omissions in the campaign settings are corrected, which ultimately increases efficiency.

    As the audit of advertising campaigns shows, in most cases, the budget is spent inefficiently:
    • Targeting ads
    • Transition cost is overpriced
    • Redirecting a client to an inappropriate page on a site
    • And much more.

    An example of an audit of an advertiser’s advertising campaign in Yandex.Direct

    Source ad campaign

    • 1000 key phrases
    • 50 listings
    • All this is "flooded" in one campaign
    • Delivery Strategy - weekly budget with a maximum bid of 1 ye
    • The transition of the client in most cases was carried out on the main page of the site or on the general section of the equipment catalog.

    The ads looked as follows. The


    audit showed that the effort to make adjustments to the advertising campaign is comparable to setting up an advertising campaign from scratch.

    What was done:
    • For effective management, the entire product catalog was divided into several sub-campaigns.
    • A list of key phrases was compiled for each sub-campaign. In addition to high-frequency queries, a wide list of low-frequency queries has been added.
    • A separate announcement was made for each phrase / semantic group of phrases
    • Negative Keywords Added
    • Click on the ad directed to the page of the site corresponding to the subject of the ad

    Ads took the following form:

    • Key phrase list expanded from 1000 to 1800
    • Instead of 20 announcements, it became 1650
    • Clickthrough rate increased
    • Non-targeting impressions excluded
    • One-cent (30 kopecks) transitions appeared
    • The number of clicks to the advertiser's website has increased 3.2 times
    • The average cost of transition decreased from 6 rubles to 2 rubles.

    As a result: within the framework of the same advertising budget, the advertiser began to receive 3.2 times more potential customers on his site.
    Conclusions: entrust contextual advertising to the agency or periodically audit the campaign.

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