Introducing the HTC Sensation Multimedia Smartphone

    Hello dear Habrachitatel. Starting today, we open a blog on Habrahabr and will delight you with new interesting publications. A little over a month ago, we announced the HTC Sensation multimedia superphone. It's time to get to know him better!

    HTC Sensation is a real toughie whose performance is too tough for any existing application. The heart of the smartphone is the latest Qualcomm MSM8260 dual-core processor. Using the MSM8260 not only improved the performance of the smartphone, but also increased battery life. Do not be afraid of its dual-core power, because the cores in the processor are clocked asynchronously, which means they will not be wasting precious charge in vain.

    However, high productivity is by no means the most important goal. During the design of HTC Sensation, we took into account all the experience gained and brought the usability of the smartphone to a new level! A single piece of aluminum in combination with soft-touch plastic form a monolithic body of the device, which is not only elegant in appearance, but also has excellent durability. The contoured qHD display is easy to use and will not be scratched even if you lay the smartphone face down.

    The new version of HTC Sense will help unleash the full potential of the device: an interactive lock screen, a 3D carousel of widgets, excellent weather effects, polished UI elements and much more.

    Detailed specifications of the device are available on the official website .
    Estimated start date for sales is the beginning of June. Recommended price will be announced later.

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