Apple develops audio hyperlinks


    Apple is working on an audio hyperlink technology that will use audible and inaudible signals embedded in music or other audio tracks to link to other media or to launch some functions, TechCrunch writes . This will allow devices to perform a number of different functions when they detect such hyperlinks, just like users act when they see regular links on the Internet.

    Such an audio hyperlink can, for example, be embedded in a podcast, the playback of which will be paused when a link is found, either in order to return to an earlier fragment of the same podcast, or to play another audio stream, or even to open another application, video or other website from the Internet .

    Audio hyperlinks can theoretically also be used to enable users to make purchases within other applications. E-commerce features embedded in audio would be suitable for podcast affiliate programs or for directing iTunes Radio users to purchase music and applications.

    Apple already has an “advanced podcast” format that allows you to do some of the above, but it requires the addition of metadata and file recording in AAC format. The new technology will allow you to put the necessary links directly into the audio stream, which will make it much more portable. Audio hyperlinks can also be tied to some input triggers, so that a user, for example, slams a device, uses voice input, or otherwise activates a link before it works.

    If the technology comes to life, then the audio files will become truly interactive and more suitable for the multimedia multifunctional mobile platforms that exist today. In addition to podcasts, audio hyperlinks will surely find their application in music, video, and even ringtones or other notifications.

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