The domain can be "taken away" at any time

    Corporation Microsoft has recently been actively promoting their products to the Russian market, but to buy domain names in the zone ru no hurry.

    Meanwhile, the domain has been “went on sale” for about four weeks already - this was announced by an announcement posted on by the current owner of this domain, entrepreneur Roman Elkhadzhiev.

    The entrepreneur registered his “trump card” name 6 years ago when, together with his partners, he opened MSN.RU LLC - the company started developing software, in particular, creating website management systems. The MSN abbreviation indicated the full name of the company - Merchant Support Network, the domain corresponding to the abbreviation was not occupied, and nothing prevented Roman from registering it.

    A month ago, however, the entrepreneur announced the sale of his business (Merchant Support Network), part of which is with its contents and, of course, the domain name. Thus, the domain will soon change its owner, but not the fact that Microsoft will be new.

    The novel emphasized that it was the legal entity that sold the company, that is why the corresponding price was expected. According to him, not all potential buyers are interested in the domain - there are people for whom the company itself with its best practices is a priority. Although interested in a domain name more.

    The businessman told Habrahabr that some of the buyers who are ready to buy are planning to open a casino, others are planning a “sex portal”, and others are planning to promote their own search engine. Of the proposals already made - there are about 10 of them - Roman has not yet identified a single one, but said that the question rests on the price. Perhaps the entrepreneur will arrange an auction between buyers - open or closed.

    So far, no offers have been received from Microsoft to a businessman. Roman Elhadzhiev also didn’t take any counter steps to negotiations with Microsoft, because he has no aspirations for this. One way or another, the amount of the transaction, no matter who it was concluded with, can be impressive.

    Khabrahabr asked Andrei Vorobyev, a spokeswoman for Ru-Center , about the estimated cost of the domain, domain registrar in the zone ru. According to Andrey, the average price of good domains in the squatters market is $ 10-13 thousand, but in the case of the amount may be higher "by an order of magnitude". For comparison, at the Ru-Center auction itself in 2005, the largest deal was concluded for $ 8 thousand.

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