What to do if there will be no “kina” or how to bypass the blocking of the site by the provider

    My legal day came and, choosing the time to watch the movie (I love the old classics), I started looking for it. I went to one of the sites familiar to me, and came across such a blocking of this resource.


    “Those are the times!” I thought. This resource was not present in any registry of banned sites, and why the beeline blocked it is not clear. Naturally, after such “applications”, terrible thoughts popped into my head: “what if tomorrow there will be no beloved“ kin ”!”. These thoughts immediately prompted me to start looking for ways to deal with this situation, and write, for those who would be interested, a small overview of several solutions to bypass site blocking. (under the cat screenshots)

    Способов, конечно, существует огромное множество, начиная от прокси, VPN, анонимайзеров и заканчивая IPv6. Но я опишу несколько понравившихся мне по определенным критериям, в данном случае это: простота установки и настройки и скорость работы.

    Оговорюсь сразу, всевозможные онлайн-анонимайзеры не использую, так как нет доверия к данным сервисам и не понятно, куда передаешь свои данные авторизации. Ну и про VPN писать не буду — они обычно платные. Статья рассчитана на простого обывателя, по этому буду стараться описать наиболее легкие способы просмотра заблокированных сайтов.

    Для определения IP адреса, провайдера, наличия прокси и замера скорости я использовал сервис 2ip.ru. И так, начнем.

    1) Tor Browser www.torproject.us

    Tor is a free software that helps protect you from Internet censorship and traffic analysis from all kinds of special services.

    Tor has been known for a long time in the IT community. There were no problems finding and installing this product.

    Tor IP Address
    As can be seen from the screenshot above, Tor gives complete anonymity for surfing. The real IP address is not determined.

    Tor speed
    The incoming speed of 2.4 Mb / s allows you to comfortably surf on sites that are not overloaded with various flash and advertising of a different type, which is currently very rare.
    Pros :
    • access to blocked sites;
    • complete lack of history;
    • completely free product;
    • no ads embedded in pages.

    Cons :
    • separate software (browser);
    • start brakes with Tor networks;
    • overall low speed.


    Of course, he performs his task, but using Tor is constantly not comfortable. And launching it in order to surf only on sites with good films is not very practical.

    2) then the friGate extension https://fri-gate.org/ came to hand

    The addition (extension) to the friGate browser as written on the developer's site “allows you to access erroneously blocked sites, while not causing any inconvenience. With the help of the original algorithm of work, the speed of access to sites practically does not decrease, which is very important for both users of the extension and owners of sites. ”

    image from the Chrome Web Store

    There are versions for Chrome, Firefox and Opera. I tested for Google Chrome (the Chrome Web Store ), but the proxies for the other platforms are the same. I was interested in the phrase "the speed of access to sites is not reduced."

    friGate proxy is not anonymous

    The 2ip.ru service shows that the proxy transmits the source address and is not anonymous. It turns out that you can enable anonymity in the settings, but by default it is not enabled.

    friGate decent access speed

    The incoming speed of 22 Mb / s honestly pleased me, I did not get such speed from other methods tested by me. This access speed allows you to go to blocked resources at the same speed as without a proxy server.
    Pros :
    • expansion without troubles - everything is simple: management - turned on / off;
    • access to sites not included in the extension list occurs bypassing the proxy, + if the site is directly accessible, the proxy also does not turn on;
    • in the settings you can add your sites to the list, you can also use your proxies (for paranoid)
    • https proxy - traffic is encrypted and also compressed using Google PageSpeed. True, this all happens with traffic that goes through the proxy, of course
    • free;
    • decent access speed;

    Cons :
    • not found yet

    Personally, I liked the extension. I use almost exclusively chrome. Traffic goes through the proxy, if only the resource is blocked, otherwise everything is direct - it suits me. Well, in my own list I added several sites that they do not have in their global list - everything is super.

    3) Stealthy Lite www.stealthy.co

    Does your country or organization block access to facebook, YouTube or other sites? Are there any services that are not available in your country? Stealthy is the solution for you. Unlike other extensions, we are constantly looking for fast proxies for you. By the way, this is alarming: “we are constantly looking for fast proxies for you”


    In the Lite version, the extension (addition) gets a random proxy from the list of available ones or it is possible to specify a country, but then again if it is on the list. Recommended proxy (USA, UK) is available only in the PRO version.

    Stealthy ip
    The 2ip.ru service determines that the Stealthy extension uses a non-anonymous proxy server. The emoticon next to the IP address - as it turned out, I got a happy IP (the sum of the numbers of the first half is equal to the sum of the numbers of the second half of the address) which gave me the right to register without an invite and the opportunity to invite 10 people to the 2ip.ru service :).

    Stealthy speed is not a fountain
    Incoming speed 2.2 Mb / s. The Stealthy add-on, when compared to friGate, is significantly inferior in speed. For surfing, in principle, should be enough.
    Pros :
    • no need to use special software;
    • after installing the extension, there is no need to configure it;
    • the extension is for both Chrome and Firefox;
    • lack of in-page advertising.

    Cons :
    • the extension was updated for a very long time, it is unclear whether it is still supported at all
    • when the extension is on, all traffic goes through the proxy, so you have to use the on / off button;
    • very low speed.

    Stealthy, as an alternative to other methods of access to blocked sites, proved to be pretty good. The inconvenience occurs only when you have to disable or enable this extension. Well, the low speed through free proxies leaves much to be desired.

    4) UltraSurf ultrasurf.us

    Ultrasurf is a product of the Internet company UltraReach. Ultrasurf was created to help Internet users from China gain freedom on the Internet. Ultrasurf software has now become one of the most popular censorship combats in the world. Millions of people use it to circumvent Internet censorship and privacy on the Internet.

    Using anonymous surfing and browsing. Ultrasurf hides your real IP address, clears your browsing history, cookies and more.

    When determining IP address, 2ip.ru service writes “proxies are not used”, which gives us the so-called anonymity. Servers always have the IP of the same country, in this case the United States.

    With an incoming speed of 0.5 Mb / s, you involuntarily recall the beginning of the Internet era in Russia.
    Pros :
    • complete, as stated on the developer's website, anonymity
    • no browser specific
    • the ability to configure any software for use through this proxy

    Cons :
    • the need to run additional software;
    • in-page advertising
    • manual configuration of browsers to use proxies (the button is only for FF);
    • very low speed access to sites;
    • glitches - periodically Ultrasurf falls out with an error.

    Annoying advertising, which, by the way, did not exist before, as it doesn’t fit correctly into pages and sometimes interferes with the full viewing of the site. Ultrasurf can only be used for a short time and as an alternative to other methods with a higher speed. It takes a long time to wait for the full page to load on some sites, which is a complete nuisance when surfing the net.

    5) fasTun fastun.ru

    Welcome to fasTun - a free Internet Accelerator with traffic compression. fasTun will allow you to increase the speed of downloading data and reduce your Internet costs by 2-10 times! This service, of course, is intended a little for another, but at the moment many users use it as another alternative to access blocked resources.

    fasTun can do the following: Compress HTTP traffic using the GZIP algorithm, optimize the code of web pages (HTTP / CSS), thereby reducing their size and compress PNG, GIF and JPEG images with a choice of quality.

    2ip.ru unambiguously determines that the proxy is used, but the IP address behind the proxy does not show. The server always has the same IP address, in this case Germany. The fasTun service is located on the same server.

    The fastun.ru website claims a speed of 128 Kbps and as it turned out, the fasTun service also has a premium mode in which the connection speed rises to 3 Mb / s. Real measurement of speed by 2ip.ru service showed just such a result: incoming speed 135.69 Kb / s.
    Pros :
    • Extensions for browsers Firefox and Opera;
    • Compresses HTTP traffic
    • lack of in-page advertising.

    Cons :
    • manual configuration of other browsers;
    • very low speed access to sites;
    • I haven’t found an opportunity to pay premium anywhere - well, and inappropriately.

    This service allows you to bypass the blocking of sites by the provider. It also saves traffic by compressing using the GZIP algorithm, which is currently only relevant for mobile platforms. But the relatively low speed again makes surfing unbearable.

    General conclusion:

    Of all the methods I tested to bypass blocking sites by the provider, I would leave only one thing for my own needs: friGate .
    And the speed is normal and convenient to use.

    By the way, there is still a great way to raise the tunnel to the ipv6 broker (both for free and practically without loss of speed), but many sites do not have an AAAA address.

    UPD I was prompted here another way - immunicity.org . This is a script for automatic proxy settings, it is downloaded to the browser directly from their site, the list of sites is constantly expanding. It’s inconvenient for me that you can’t turn it off / on with one click, but in general the idea is not bad.

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