Intel Core i9-9990XE (14 cores to 5 GHz) will be sold only on a closed auction

    According to information from several sources , Intel is preparing to release the most powerful desktop processor Core i9-9990XE - a real monster with 14 cores and a base frequency of 4.0 GHz (rises to 5.0 GHz in turbo mode).

    The most interesting is that the processor will not be available for retail sale, but will be sold only at a closed auction “for system integrators”.

    The AnandTech edition publishes an updated line of top-end Intel desktop processors, where the new product occupies the first line. Pay attention to the record power consumption and heat dissipation of the Core i9-9990XE at 255 W! This is much more than the current leader Core i9-9980XE.

    By the way, if we take into account the recommended price of the last in $ 1979, then the novelty at the auction will cost much more than $ 2000 per piece. Judging by the number of cores, i9-9990XE is the most overclocked version of i9-9940X.

    L3 per
    i9-9990XEauction14/28255 W4.0 / 5.0??266644
    i9-9980XE$ 197918/36165 W3.0 / 4.524.751.375266644
    i9-9960X$ 168416/32165 W3.1 / 4.522.001.375266644
    i9-9940X$ 138714/28165 W3.3 / 4.519.251.375266644
    i9-9920X$ 118912/24165 W3.5 / 4.519.251.604266644
    i9-9900X$ 98910/20165 W3.5 / 4.519.251.925266644
    i9-9820X$ 88910/20165 W3.3 / 4.216.501.650266644
    i7-9800X$ 5898/16165 W3.8 / 4.516.502.031266644

    Closed auctions for the sale of the Core i9-9990XE are scheduled to be held once a quarter, and the first auction is scheduled for the third week of 2019, that is, for the current week.

    AnandTech notes that at 1.3 volts, the chip will have to deliver 420 A (30 amps per core), and the TDP increases to 546 watts.

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