Petition to lift the ban on the sale of Company of Heroes 2

This post aims to show the absurdity of the whole situation that arose around the above game. Personally, I am amazed at the situation when the aching people complain about all sorts of laws and prohibitions, take the side of those people who like to prohibit everything that is horrible.

I will not touch on the plot of the game, because everyone already knows what he is talking about. The question is whether to play or not to play ... everyone should take it himself, because
  1. The freedom of one person is limited to the freedom of another and no one has the right to decide for others.
  2. No one has the right to forbid anything to others. We are all adults and we are responsible for everything that we do.
  3. If you didn’t like something, don’t buy or play, just pass by
  4. If you don’t want to pass by, tell your friends about this game so that they don’t dare to buy it (otherwise God forbid).

But what about the children? ..

The game has a rating of 18+. It is not intended for children.

But they can accidentally play it. Is not it so?

The game costs money and not small. If you “accidentally” bought this game for your child and did not see a note about age restrictions, then you are such a parent.

So the game can be found on the Internet.

A lot of things can be found on the Internet, not to mention the most obvious (films containing pornographic content), films / games with a dismemberment, Nazi propaganda, distribution of indulgences on Twitter, and so on. In order to protect children from this, means of parental control have been invented for a long time, and if you are too lazy to deal with this, then this again says a lot. By the way, after the ban on the sale, CoH2 will download even more on the Internet.

And what ate, I don’t want to deal with any “parental control”, but I don’t have time for children? Let the state forbid it to everyone, but it will be easier for me.

To begin with, the children did YOU, not the state, and the children should love (or not love) you, not the state. If you don’t have time to take care of the children, then what difference does it make to whom and how they will grow. I know many who cry about not finding time for their children. If you think it's better to ban everything. then you are probably here , I think there you will be happy.

It is obvious that most of those who voted for the ban in the game most likely did not play and did not even intend to. So why not just buy it (no one is forcing) and not recommend it to friends. And if you still want to ban, so take up Mikhalkov’s films. Stop! But what about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Battlefield 3, because there, when playing on the network (and not only), you can get into the American team and shoot at Russian soldiers ?! Deny!

I understand perfectly well that your feelings could have been hurt, but we do not prohibit other races, because they hurt the feelings of racists, or other religions, and indeed a lot of things.
I also don't like this story feed option, but as mentioned in this video, the plot is based on the book of Vasily Grosman, which is not prohibited here. Plus it's just a game. At the same time, I would highly recommend 1C to add a warning to the game or to the box with it that the opinion of the developers of the game may not coincide with yours (or something like that).

Here is a link to a fairly objective review without unnecessary emotions and grumbling saliva:

Therefore, I propose voting for another petition: Restore sales of the computer game Company of heroes-2 in the CIS
Petition text
No one has the right to prohibit anything for others, being guided only by their own desire, not taking into account the fact that there can be no less who disagree with them.

Therefore, it is necessary to restore sales of the Company of heroes-2 game to the market of the Russian Federation and the CIS, because despite the contradictory plot, this product cannot have a strong influence on the public opinion regarding the corresponding historical period, since its target audience is adults over 18 years old (based on the age restrictions specified in the game), which already have formed views and worldview.

In addition, such a presentation of the story is not one of a kind. In the territory of both the Russian Federation and the CIS countries, well-known films and books are not prohibited, moreover, some of them are quite popular.

In addition, do not forget that in real-time strategies, the plot is a secondary element and most players do not pay attention to it.

Given the specifics of the storyline, it might be worthwhile to make some warnings that would be clearly visible on the box with the game, or something similar, but to prohibit its sale to everyone without exception is wrong.

I would also like to draw attention to the fact that the video review proposed for review in the petition to stop selling the game is not objective, is full of emotions and was not created by a professional game journalist in general.

In the same petition, an attempt to speculate on the purchase of other products published by 1C-Interest is noticeable. Given the regional specifics, there is reason to believe that the vast majority of those who supported the ban on the sale of the game did not even think to buy it without knowing about the features of the storyline campaign. The ban on the sale of Company of heroes-2 will only spur the illegal way of distributing it, as it will be the only one for those who wish.

On the other hand, the article from a well-known Russian gaming publication provides a fairly objective opinion of specialists in the gaming industry. Its author does a review without an overabundance of emotions, but still focuses on the plot aspect, and the game itself received a rather high score.

We are not indifferent to the actions of our ancestors, we just want to make a decision ourselves and do not want to be taken for us.

We hope for your objectivity and common sense in this matter.

I want to note that the act of our ancestors is also dear to me, but you have not been children for a long time and you need to understand the difference between the game and reality. Therefore, the rating is 18+.

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