AlterGeo - cancel heavy Monday!

    imageMonday is a hard, fun day ! Do not believe? We will prove!

    Today we are launching a distribution of “goodies” and “amenities” - every day active AlterGeo users will receive gifts from us.

    AlterGeo is a city navigation service. When determining your location, AlterGeo shows which people and places (cafes, restaurants, banks and more) are near you. Choose places, see what kind of people are in them, invite friends with one click. We came to the cafe, noted in AlterGeo the place where you are (while we call it “check-in”), your friends will receive a message about this and will be able to easily join.

    You can use AlterGeo on iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile (early beta is now ready), as well as on a computer through a web service. Read more

    Actually, we will endow users who will often “check-in”, add photos, fill out a profile, invite friends.

    Already, we have three winners, our “check-in champions”, who received free coupons in the wonderful Italian cafe Bianco. So, who are today's “minions of fate”:

    Andrey Rublev:
    Alexander Pozdnyakov:

    Guys, we are in the near future we will contact you.

    The distribution of elephant prizes has just begun, you still have a chance to get a gift today!

    You can follow the distribution of gifts on our

    Coupons to a cozy place in Bianco are provided together with the DarrBerry service:

    Good luck to everyone!
    Your AlterGeo Men

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