Leisure Suit Larry will come again!

    This year, the legend of the gaming industry, a ladies man, and just a good guy, Larry Laffer, will return to us. Thanks to kickstarter.com , the necessary funds have been raised, and Al Low, the creator of the original Larry, will be directly involved in the development of the new game.

    Unfortunately, this is not the long-promised eighth part (Lust in Space), but just a remake of the original 1987 Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards game. In the first part, the player was controlled by arrows, and all actions, such as “open the door”, “read the graffiti”, etc. I had to literally print myself.

    Characteristically, this fall Larry’s second comeback awaits us, because in 1991 a remake of the VGA-graphics, with the classic point-and-click controls, was already released. Most likely, you played it in it. And also, most likely, you played the wonderful translation of the group from Rostov-on-Don “Taralej & Jabocrack Software”. “I'm from SAE,” remember?

    They promise that this is only the first sign, and in the future they plan to remake all six parts of the series. The fourth part, Leisure Suit Larry 4: The Missing Floppies , never happened, and everything that came out after the seventh has nothing to do with the real Larry, because Al Lowe did not participate in the creation of these games. Who knows, maybe, after successful remakes, the Replay Games company, founded by immigrants from Sierra Online, will do the eighth part promised 16 years ago.

    Video from kickstarter.com :

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