The commentator on a habr - not a tenant

    Hello, comrades and unfriendly.
    What I want to say is that the experiment was successfully failed .
    Yes, to write comments, and not to write posts on a hub - alas, it is impossible.
    I’ll explain a little now.
    I’ve been here for a long time, about 3.
    I started this account and friends of pluses put me a little in karma (well, don’t have to heroize here, this is a common practice), just to disperse.
    And here is the result:
    Most of the comments are positive;
    I tried not to get into the holivars (that’s how the previous experimental acc. Failed. He earned a bunch of pluses and a bunch of minuses in karma);
    I tried to help if I could;
    Karma leaked.


    Karma is now 0 - and I can still post a post on my blog. Those. I as a person can post to anyone, but as an account only here.
    Those. for good comments hardly anyone will give you a plus, but they’ll easily give a shit about the usual one.
    Here is the last minus set today. Check out today's comments and determine which one.
    In general, if you are a beginner here or want to invite someone - think ! The system is working. Here you need to write posts! If you don’t write, don’t write at all (more precisely, be impaired)

    Actually. Here, many, simply, with a small pussy , And take revenge on the world that offended them - as they can. Cat. I'm all for now.
    Since March 8th, girls!

    UPD no no. This post is not about insults, etc. it's just the result! I will stay here.
    Meaning - I tried to write comments, it was useful and NOBODY thanked. There was not one other plus. Only cons.
    Pity me does not matter, who knows me - they understand that this is superfluous.
    And I will not respond to comments. I am everything. Maybe I’ll edit it once.

    UPD 2. I did not expect such a fight in karma and in the ranking. Those many who put + or - - write to me inbox , please.

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