Trixel Art

    Pixel art is very popular. Despite the presence of powerful computers capable of building photorealistic pictures, small sets of colorful dots hand-picked still cause a lot of emotions. Maybe this is nostalgia for bygone times, or maybe the artist manages to invest more soul when he is forced to draw literally every pixel.

    Nevertheless, progress in this genre does not stand still. Apparently the potential of modern computers is challenging the developers.

    So there was technology Trixels (Trixels). Trixels are such under-voxels. Just multi-colored small cubes. What's the catch? From them you can build almost the same worlds as from pixels. But with one important difference. They can then be rotated.

    Fez is a classic platformer, but built on trixel technology. The rotation of the picture causes some very unusual sensations. Something almost magical.
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