Quietly and not noticeably came qt sdk win opensource 2009.01.1

    After suffering from qt-sdk-win-opensource-2009.01.exe errors, in desperation, I decided to download sdk again and was pleasantly surprised by the small unit at the end of the saved file qt-sdk-win-opensource-2009.01.1.exe

    Some of the problems disappeared =)

    The problem with configure (C: \ qt-greenhouse \ ...) was solved by creating a sim link: I
    downloaded Junction ,
    in the QT console I typed the following: after which everything worked out fine.
    mkdir C:\qt-greenhouse\Trolltech\Code_less_create_more\Trolltech\Code_less_create_more\Troll\

    junction C:\qt-greenhouse\Trolltech\Code_less_create_more\Trolltech\Code_less_create_more\Troll\4.5.0 C:\2009.01

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