Unreleased Google Voice Desktop Video

    When Google acquired Gizmo5 in November 2009, it was clear that the purchase was aimed at developing Google Voice. A few months later, it became known that Google was already testing the Google Voice desktop application inside the company.

    Michael Arrington asked his sources for screenshots of Google Voice Desktop, but  received the application itself. Click on the link to watch the video he made. Gizmo5 is still guessed in the interface, even the name is left, but with authentication it says “Gizmo5 by Google”. The application is fully integrated with the Google Voice service, address book, etc. Arrington does not know how relevant the assembly that got to it is, but it's interesting to look at it.

    Last month, it was reported that Google could completely abandon the project, since Larry Page and Sergey Brin did not want to create software outside the browser. Arrington also called on Google to reconsider its decision to abandon the project and "give people what they want - Google Voice Desktop."

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