If you don’t have time to type URLs in a mobile phone ...

    Often I encounter a situation where you need to leave somewhere urgently, and an unread article appears in the browser. And you could read it on the way from the phone, but drive a long address there ... There are

    One option is to use services like laterloop.com or readbag.com.
    Another option is QR codes. An article about their integration into blogs prompted the idea to look for a more universal solution, and voila - Mobile Barcoder , an extension for Firefox.

    Now the code can be obtained for any page by simply moving the cursor over the inscription “Barcode” in the panel; then scan the code with your phone - and go! Fast and convenient.

    PS Thanks to comrades payalnik and AntonShevchuk for the idea and their articles onreadbag and laterloop services and the integration of QR codes into blogs .

    UPD: On Habré there is an overview of programs for recognition of QR codes . Personally, I use QuickMark , it normally reads codes from the screen.

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