The engine of the online store Simpla 1.1

    imageThanks to responsive users and your constructive comments, the script of the Simpla online store has become even better.

    Today a new version of Simpla 1.1 has been released, and at this solemn moment I would like to thank you, as well as my colleagues boriss (layout designer) and timokhin (programmer) for their invaluable contribution to the development of this modest product.

    And thanks to Anna Hiddekel for colorful illustrations to my posts (and for the design of the CD, which will be released soon, only shhh).

    Payment through Robokassa

    Robokassa allows you to pay for goods in many ways: Webmoney, Yandex.Money, Moneymail, RBK Money RUR, EasyPay, Wallet One, LiqPay, WebCreds, PAYEXPRESS as well as SMS, Payment terminals and credit cards.
    When paying for the order through the cash desk, as well as through most other systems, the goods are automatically debited from the warehouse, and digital goods are immediately sent to the user on his computer.
    Registering a store in Robokassa is absolutely free and takes literally several hours. Thanks to the guys for the great service!

    Payment through

    image allows you to pay for goods by credit card VISA, MC, DCL, JCB, AMEX, as well as WebMoney, Yandex.Money, e-port and Kredit Pilot.

    Digital Products

    Simpla now allows you to sell digital goods. Just specify the file to download for the product, and after paying for the order, the user will be prompted to download the paid goods:
    Naturally, all actions occur automatically.

    Additional product categories

    For a product, you can now specify several categories in which the user can find it.
    You can, for example, create the categories of “new products”, “popular products”, “promotional products”
    and so on. And put the corresponding goods there.

    Feedback module

    The feedback form can be installed on any page of the store.
    User messages will be displayed in the control panel and duplicated by admin email

    The default currency is separate from the base currency.

    The base currency is the currency in which the administrator initially indicates the value of the goods. Previously, it was also used by default in the storefront.
    Now the default currency can be set regardless of the base currency:

    Brand cloud

    All brands represented in the store have learned to form a cloud. Its appearance depends on the designer.

    Delivery address and buyer ip on the map

    Thanks to the display of the buyer's location on the map by his ip-address, we can closely monitor fake orders.

    For example, the next order looks very suspicious, since it was made from Kiev, and delivery to Moscow.

    PHP code optimization

    When I was engaged in pattern recognition at the Institute of Cybernetics, my supervisor convinced that any algorithm can be accelerated 100 times :)
    In particular, the construction of a category tree now depends almost linearly on their number, and not quadratically. The memory usage was also reduced from 2MB to 1MB (for the main page).

    The official site The

    online demonstration of Simpla takes place here:
    control panel

    I hope that with the new version store management will be even more pleasant for you! Thank you for being there, waiting for your wishes for the next version :)

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