Visualization of the programmer's emotions

    What did the programmer think when writing specific code? What feelings and emotions did he experience? Net Price decided to answer these questions and made a small utility that extracts text comments from program code and loads them into Synesketch , an engine for visualizing emotions from text fragments.

    Nat says that he decided not to take into account public, but only official notes (messages of programmers to each other or to himself through the source code of the program), since there are a lot of them in the source code.

    For example, we took several well-known programs. The first pictures show how much happier Apache Tomcat developers were from version to version.

    Apache Tomcat 4

    Apache Tomcat 5

    Apache Tomcat 6


    JUnit 4


    Below is a couple of corporate applications whose names are not disclosed due to the programmers' too depressed mood (which is not at all surprising).

    You can set this utility on your own or any other open source project and see what the developers experienced when they wrote the code. To run the program you need Unix, the C99 compiler and JDK 1.6, it is tested only on Ubuntu.

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