A call to the designer

    - Designer! Each time creating a new layout and giving it to the layout / programmer / shaman, make sure that you did not allow the following:

    1. If you have a background in the layout, or some other integral design element, consists of “twenty-five million” layers - please glue them into one layer, because if you don’t know better what layers belong to this element, you don’t need to blow other people’s brains with their uniqueness.
    2. Keep order in the layers, because it is for you that the company Edobi (Adobe) came up with all the possible daddies, markers, and so on.
    3. If you are creating a website design, then before you submit it for layout, show people how your layout should be displayed at different resolutions. This is easy to do ... just resize Canvas ... honestly, honestly.

    ps pppx, cross- blog post

    Under katom jypeg of how to do - no need!


    UPD Thanks adrian_lopez for the below example of how to.

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