Portable Media Player Nikon Media Port UP300

    Nikon has presented to the public its view on portable media players. Since Nikon does not specialize in the release of such devices, this announcement is already an event. But Media Port UP300 itself is quite interesting.

    The device is a headphone on which a small "personal" display is installed. The size of the monitor is only 0.44 inches, the supported resolution is up to 640 × 480 pixels. For the user, he will act as an analogue of the 50-inch display, which is located at a distance of three meters.

    The filling of the Media Port UP300 is impressive. The device is equipped with 8 GB of memory, a Wi-Fi 802.11g module and a gesture control system (for the more advanced 300x model). In addition to the media player, the Media Port UP300 also boasts a full-featured web browser. “Headphones with video” can play video files of WMV9, MPEG-1, MPEG-2 formats and AAC, MP3 and WMA audio files.

    Powered Media Port UP300 from two AA batteries. The manufacturer claims that they will be enough to play the video for two hours and four and a half hours of audio playback.

    At the moment, Nikon is going to sell the player only in Japan. It will cost $ 677 (model UP300x with gesture control and 8 GB of memory). The stripped-down model UP300 with 4 GB of memory will cost $ 485.

    via akihabaranews.com

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