Rumors: Steam - separately, Ubisoft games with the new DRM - separately?

    A good scandal has been brewed due to a brief Steam message “Sorry! "An error was encountered while processing your request: This item is currently unavailable in your region." This message (“Sorry, request processing error: the product is not available in your region”) was issued by the Steam service to residents of the UK who were trying to download new Ubisoft games - Assassin's Creed 2 and Silent Hunter 5. And all this against the background of passions for the fashionable copy protection system of the Yubisoft .

    The whole relish is that Ubisoft PR managers, who were able to concoct a statement in the style of "everything is in order, we are still in white", were outstripped by journalists who were not deprived of imagination. Having dug up or even invented Valve’s insider, creatives with computerandvideogameshave announced Valve Software’s refusal to sell Ubisoft's new DRM-protected projects via Steam through innovative DRM. And they finished off the public with a dance, quoting the words of a representative of Valve, who stated that the studio "does not want to spoil its reputation in the eyes of customers and post games that annoy them."

    Is it a substitute or not, and was there really a mythical insider at computerandvideogames, but there is no smoke without fire. Over the past month, Ubisoft with its innovative DRM managed to “grab” both the players and the persons known in the industry . Yeah, it’s from Newell from Valve that too is firewood in the fire of this little scandal.

    Despite the fact that Ubisoft in every way assures users that their games are sold without problems on Steam in all regions except the UK (Yes, they are being sold, verified ), and the problems in the UK are not related to DRM in any way, the idea of ​​slamming the virtual Steam door in front of the poor implementation of protection impresses me personally. And it’s a pity if all this is exclusively a duck.

    PS Portal 2 , Steam on Mac , and now this cute hype with Ubisoft - Valve is rapidly gaining extra karma points.

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