Internet in Georgia - for entertainment

    Internet audience in Georgia is 17.7% of the population, and the average user age - 25-34 years, reports Day.Az conclusion of a local consulting group, the poll 4500 respondents in the country.

    In addition, it was found that 52.6% of Internet users use the Internet for entertainment - the audience of the Network in Georgia, as elsewhere, is young. People aged 18-24 make up 29.1% of all users. 31.1% of the audience are people of the age group 25-34 years. 56.3% of Internet users have e-mail, which is accessed daily - 33.2%.

    When asked about income, 21.4% of respondents chose not to answer, the rest earned 300-1000 GEL per month. 48% of respondents use the Internet at home, 36.4% - at work, 15.6% - in Internet cafes.

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