Evernote - my card holder

    From the very moment Evernote began to recognize Russian text, I realized how I could use it.

    Having taken out of the drawer of the table a collection of business cards received from different people at different times, I methodically re-photograph them all (the process is underway), and gently cram them into the specially created notebook “Business cards”.

    Unfortunately, old business cards are difficult to mark with any tags, but in a quiet way, step by step, this can be done. In the end - I, for example, have a new business card appear several times a month. Except when I attend an exhibition or conference. Then everything is easier - a new business card, still fresh memories - what kind of company? Who is this man? And the choice of tags is not difficult.

    Total - I have the entire collection of business cards in perfect order in my Evernote. And I can always find the person I need, by tag, by phone, by name, etc.

    Although, of course, I’ll have to tinker with photographing (yes, I don’t have a scanner :)

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