rss2sms - we receive Habr’s news in the form of SMS messages

    A few days ago I completed the development of the rss2sms service for the project. The meaning lies in the name - the RSS feeds you have selected are delivered to your mobile phone in the form of SMS messages according to the selected rules. In some cases, it can save your life . After registration, open the "Applications" section, select " rss2sms ", click "add feed". Here is a window like this:

    Choose the required fields (in most cases, only the header is enough), indicate the working time (when you want to receive messages) and after that the process of "testing" begins. Our engine shows you the selected RSS feed in the form in which it sees it, and asks you to confirm that you want to receive all this stuff on your phone in the form presented.

    If everything is ok, the text is recognized successfully, there are no problems with encodings, then confirm and after a while you begin to receive messages.

    And now about how it can really save your life - by connecting the news site feed, you will immediately learn about the accident, disaster or terrorist attack.

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