How Eset Loses Customers

    Have you ever wondered why the robot from the Nod-32 box has such a dull and thoughtful look? I can assume that with longing in his eyes, he can only think about one thing - will they buy it (antivirus) or not?

    A small store selling computers, components and some software. However, all popular antiviruses are presented: Dr-Web, Kaspersky, Nod-32. They are in demand, because people have long realized that it’s easier (and cheaper) to give a thousand and a half a year for an antivirus than to periodically rush about to friends and acquaintances, ask them to reinstall the system “suddenly” eaten by viruses (because the “cracked” one downloaded from the torrent "Antivirus - almost 100% guarantee to plant this virus on your own machine). But something I was distracted.

    So: a store, a sales assistant and a customer who longs to buy an antivirus, and not some, but Nod-32, and certainly version 4 (or at least with the ability to upgrade to the Quartet). Here the fun begins: there is NO version indication on the box with the antivirus! What is a marketing ploy? Misunderstanding? After staring at the box, there was at least something indirectly indicating the version - it was written in small print at the bottom of the box: “users of version 2.7 can upgrade to version 3 for free.” So what kind of product is in the box - 2.7, which after installation can be updated to version 3, and then to 4, or is it still a “three” that you can not buy with 2.7?

    Everything ended as expected - the aunt didn’t buy an antivirus, scribbled something for 20 minutes in the plaintiff’s book, along the way with the seller’s bonfire, which most likely would later get over the ears of the boss / senior manager.

    And the robot on the box just as thoughtfully continues to gather dust in the window, reflecting - "buy? will not buy? "

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