The terms of the deal with Yahoo!

    As expected, today an official press release appeared on the Microsoft website , which provides information about the deal with Yahoo! in the search area. The key positions of the contract are as follows:

    * the contract is concluded for 10 years;
    * Microsoft receives an exclusive license to use the achievements of Yahoo! in the search area;
    * Bing becomes the exclusive search engine for Yahoo! websites;
    * Yahoo! becomes the exclusive representative of a partnership for working with premium advertisers. Advertising will be served through the Microsoft AdCenter platform;
    * Both companies will continue to support their own advertising media and advertising business;
    * Yahoo! will create its own custom view for search results, although it will be based on the Bing mechanism;
    * Microsoft will reimburse Yahoo! for traffic networks Yahoo! for all resources;
    * Yahoo! will continue to support existing search partnerships;
    * Microsoft guarantees Yahoo! a certain income from each search in the first 18 months for each implementation in any country;
    * Full implementation of partnership mechanisms is expected in two years.

    PS: some own thoughts:
    * Yahoo! doesn’t receive any “ships of money” about the acquisition, Yahoo! generally doesn’t get any money right away, although the company seems to be guaranteed profit;
    * MS gets Yahoo! visitors How important they are is hard to say, but given that they essentially cost Microsoft nothing, it's a good deal;
    * This transaction is a normal partnership agreement. No takeover, no sale of parts of the company;
    * Yahoo! and Microsoft are becoming strategic partners on the Internet. This may affect not only the search business. Analiteg mode off.

    PPS: Yahoo! stocks collapsed by 9.12% at the opening of trading.

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