YouTube Leanback

    Sometimes it may take longer to search for an interesting video than the duration of the video itself. For those who use YouTube as entertainment, the developers have introduced a new service - YouTube Leanback.

    As the name implies (lean back - “lean back in your chair”), thanks to the service, you can simply go to the site, and everything will continue to be played continuously without fail in full-screen mode and with high clarity selected videos. No need to click or search. Watching YouTube is as easy as watching TV.

    The video is selected taking into account the interests of the user, based on his YouTube settings, his subscriptions and friends' videos on YouTube and Facebook (if YouTube and Facebook accounts are connected). If the video is unsuccessful, you can simply click on the right arrow button to play the next one.

    In this video you can see how everything works:

    YouTube Leanback is still in beta, but you can already try it by simply visiting .

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