Is Facebook creating a PHP compiler?

    From people who visited the Facebook developer’s office, information appeared about what a large team of programmers for this project is doing now. Apparently, they rewrite PHP scripts again. As you know, 90% of Facebook code is written in PHP.

    They say that this work has been going on for quite some time, but it is already close to completion. Perhaps in the coming days some libraries will be published under an open license. True, it is still not known exactly what this project is.

    The most likely version is that the result of their work will be something like a PHP compiler. With its help, it is allegedly possible to accelerate the execution of program code by almost five times and reduce the CPU load on servers by 80%. This same information is confirmedone of the Facebook employees on condition of anonymity (they all signed the NDA). He speaks of a certain HPHP (Hyper-PHP), which is an almost new version of the language.

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