Paid courses for online scammers

    Where do novice "hackers" improve their education? Senior comrades are not eager to share information, and many associates are already behind bars, so it is difficult to obtain valuable knowledge. Of course, this is a joke. In fact, from the first days of the Internet on the Web, you could find free guides on any topic, from breaking passwords to making skimmers. However, it is still difficult for a beginner to figure this out.

    Now something new has appeared. For online scammers, the online Cash Paradise University has opened, where a dozen paid courses are offered. For example, for $ 50 you can learn the basics of online fraud (anonymity on the Web, sources of stolen credit cards). For $ 75 they give a two-three-hour Skype carding course (cashing out funds from stolen credit cards through Skype accounts).

    As reported by Information Security Consultant Brian Krebs, the new "university" is advertised on hacker forums and actually teaches people what is stated in the program.

    For those who have completed the basic course, additional advanced lessons are offered.
    • Where to find drops and how to arrange their work (4-6 hours) - $ 250
    • Purchasing goods on a stolen card through a drop (6-8 hours) - $ 350, additional materials are offered for students: credit card, verified drop (payment 50/50), a dedicated server, DoubleVPN
    • Botnet management (12-18 hours) - $ 500, Zeus Trojan, a group of infected computers (over 200), VPS hosting for the Trojan for 1 month, DoubleVPN are attached to the course
    You will not be able to pay for the course with a stolen credit card. The institution accepts Western Union, WebMoney and Liberty Reserve.

    The courses are in Russian and English, so the “teachers” are most likely from local.

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