Why do habralum choose a bee, not eggs?

    Habraiting of communication operators looks like this:
    1. Beeline 119 people
    2. Megaphone 101 people
    3. MTS 78 people

    I, as a person in the past who was closely connected with mobile communications (I had my own business), is very interested in what you like and dislike about these operators . It’s just interesting why, for example, people choose MTS, while in some cases, in the same Beeline, tariffs are both more profitable and more transparent.

    Personally, my opinion is this:
    1. In Beeline I like positive, a sense of reliability and stability. Used this operator even when the analog connection was. Actually, the quality of communication, I suppose, is also more than what I like.

    2. I love MegaFon because I can carry it as a second phone, which makes many of my friends happy who have MegaFon and who call me at huge discounts.

    3. I don’t like eggs because they are red, boorish and with mandalos in the form of an endless small text in tariffs, contracts and relations with customers. Although, he began his acquaintance with mobile communications with MTS.

    What do you think of these comrades?

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